How to make PDF flip book starts from specific page?


We know that PDF flip book always start from page one. And people are used to read a book from the beginning to the end. But in some cases, we do not need to start from the beginning, reader may be able to get information from specific page but not page one. So we are thinking to change the start page number for flash page flip book which is created by pdf publisher. Reader may be attracted to your book content easier in this way.


Two design setting bars are belonging to “Page Number” item:
Start Page Number (Roman): start the Roman page numbering on a specific page.
Start Page Number (Arabic): start the page numbering on a specific page. For example, when this value is 18, then page19 will be shoed at first.

Find these two bars in the left design setting panel in pdf publisher. Define a value for it according to your needs. Please remember to click “Apply Change” to save the setting.


Start Page Number













    Note: please remember to click "Apply Change" to apply any changes to flash flip book.





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