PDF Publisher Pro                              Add video, flash, audio, images to the page turn flash book!




Compatible with Windows 7/2000/XP/Vista

Add links and multimedia to the PDF page flipping book;

Call new actions and add printable area for readers to print coupons directly;

Choose template and customize the flip book;

Multi-language selection enables you to switch language;

Publish flip book in HTML, Mac App, EXE, ZIP, mobile version and CD;

Google Analytics Integration to monitor visitors' behavior;

Share the page flip publication via Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc.







Item Features PDF Publisher PDF Publisher Pro
1 Convert PDF to Adobe© Flash® based page flipping books
2 Support imported formats: PDF
3 Output formats: HTML, EXE, ZIP, App, Mobile version, CD
4 Apply a pre-designed template
5 Import bookmarks, hyperlinks (web/page/email links), text (for searching) from PDF files
6 Button style and layout setttings
7 Add logo
8 Add book title
9 Define template details, like book margin, background image, read orientation, hard cover, autoplay etc.
10 Set page thickness
11 Customize toolbar buttons to set permissions for downloading, printing, sharing, searching and more
12 Export and save template settings for future uses
13 Integrate Google Analytics
14 Multi-languange switchable
15 Add password to protect your page flipping book
16 Define titles, keywords and description metadata for output HTML page
17 Share flip book via e-mail and social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Digg, LinkedIn, etc)
18 Save project for later using
19 Add effects to pages
20 Add links to flipping pages(define actions, like go to webpage, go to flipping page, or Email.)
21 Insert images to the imported pages (define actions, like go to webpage, go to flipping page, open photo slideshow.)
22 Insert video (online Youtube video included) to pages
23 Embed SWF flash into pages
24 Add Movie thta plays FLV
25 Add sound to the pages while viewing the page
26 Insert buttons on pages to link pages (define actions, like go to webpage or flipping page, call Javascript function.)
27 Add printable area as coupon
28 Add "About" button to show company file and contact information