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Compatible with Mac

Insert page links, web links and e-mail links;

Add video, flash, YouTube video, audio, images to the flip book;

Customize on optional templates;

Add and edit table of contents for the flash page turning book;

Publish the flip book in optional formats: HTML, App and mobile version;

Share via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Digg and other social networks.






Publish flash page turn book on Mac

PDF Publisher Pro Mac, powerful publishing software for Mac, can help you publish animation page flip books from PDF files. This flip for Mac program can be perfectly compatible with Mac OS X Leopard, Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Mac OS X Lion. With this flip book maker, you can publish appealing flash magazines, interactive page flip brochures, interesting shopping catalogs and more.

Easy operation to output flip book

This flash PDF publisher will make it much easier for you to publish professional flipbook: no annoying coding needed, no additional software involved, no complicated program skills required. Just three steps: Import PDF—Customize template settings—Output flash page turn PDF book. And PDF Publisher Pro Mac provides batch convert mode which allows you to batch convert multiple PDF files to multiple or a flipping book at the same time.

Embed links, video, flash, audio, images

In addition to enabling you to convert PDF to flash flipbook, PDF Publisher Pro Mac allows you to edit the flash pages with multimedia. You can insert internal links (page links) and external links (web links and e-mail links); you can add video, flash, audio, YouTube video, images or even album to the flip book.

Add interactive objects

Insert buttons to call new actions: go to a pointed page, open a link, call JavaScript function, play audio, open flash window or photo slideshow;

Add printable area on the flipping pages for your readers to print them out directly as coupons that enable readers to get discount or promotion items.

Customize flipbook on defined template

You can choose your favorite template from the beautiful built-in templates to match your existing projects. Besides, you can customize your flipbook with a series of control settings: select font type; choose color; brand flipbook with logo and links; add background image and music; show/hide or enable/disable function buttons; add "About" button to show company information; define toolbar or button style and so on.

Table of contents

PDF Publisher Pro Mac will reserve full content of the original PDF, including links and photography. Additionally, this publishing software for Mac allows you to import table of contents of the original file automatically. Yet, even though your PDF does not contain table of contents, you can also add and edit bookmark for the page flip publication manually.

Multi-language & language switchable

PDF Publisher Pro Mac supports multiple international languages. You can choose a default language from the 10 plus languages for the flipbook: English, Chinese, French, German, Arabic, Japanese, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, and Portuguese. In addition, you can choose two or more to make languages switchable. This multi-language mode will surely effectively help remove communication barriers in this era of globalization.

Flexible output formats

PDF Publisher Pro Mac enables you to publish page flipping book in flexible formats:

1. Convert PDF to HTML flip book for online viewing;

2. Make App turning page book to be viewed on Mac OS;

3. Publish mobile version to view on iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone, Android devices.

Share flip page book with ease

Once you publish the page turn flash book, you can upload the link to popular social network fanpages such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Digg and so on. With just a click on the social network icons, you and your readers can share your creative publication with families, friends and net friends. And you and readers can copy and send the link to others via e-mail.

One-time fee, free upgrade, refund guarantee

We always try our best to make sure our products are of good quality, and in the meantime, we try to offer you satisfying services.

One-time fee deal, no subscription fee or conversion fee.

Permenant usage, free upgrad later versions.

Full refund within 30 days after purchase.

For any question, you can e-mail us at: support@pdf-publisher.com.

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"The powerful full control settings enable me to publish distinctive flip book. I can add unique image as background and beautiful song as background music. It's very cool!" - Keith

"The software is user-friendly and the tutorials is very clear and useful. It didn't take me much time to learn to use it and within minutes I published an attractive flip book." - Cathy

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