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Compatible with Mac

Easy steps to output flip book;

Different pre-designed templates to choose;

Powerful custom settings to make unique flipbook;

Optional output formats: HTML, Mac App;

Share the page flip DOC book via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.






Convert DOC files to flash book on Mac

DOC Publisher Mac is a flash flipbook Mac publisher, and this software can help you convert DOC files into flip book with flash page turning effect. This specially designed program can be perfectly compatible with Mac OS X Leopard, Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Mac OS X Lion.

Publish flip book with ease

DOC Publisher Mac will make it much easier for you to publish flipbook. With this flipping book publisher, you don't need to be busy with the annoying coding, you don’t need to install other software, and you don't need to be good at complicated program skills. Just three steps: Import DOC files—Customize template settings—Output flash page flip book.

Various beautiful templates and themes

Do you want your flip book present in a fresh appearance? DOC Publisher Mac provides various built-in templates for you to use. Different template has different looking and presents different style. You can choose your favorite one to match the style of your flash DOC flip book. And each template contains different themes and if you don't like the built-in ones, you can customize a new one and save it for later use.

Powerful custom settings

DOC Publisher Mac provides you with a series of control settings to customize your flipbook: define book title; select background image and music; show/hide or enable/disable function buttons; define toolbar or button style and color; set flipping interval time, select a default language from the 10 plus languages, etc.

Flexible output formats

DOC Publisher Mac enables you to publish flip DOC Mac book in flexible formats for convenient uses (online or offline):

1. Convert DOC to HTML flash flip book for online viewing;

2. Make App page turning book to be viewed on Mac OS.

Independent control flow makes it safer

Unlike those online converting software, DOC Publisher Mac provides you with full control flow. The conversion is under your full control and you don't need to upload your files, or wait for others to publish flipbook for you. And you can update your website easily by replacing the page turn publication with a new one. Besides, you don't need to worry about that your file will leak out if you don't want.

Share the flip book with others easily

Once you publish the flash DOC book, you can upload the link to popular social network fanpages such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Google, Digg and so on. With just a click on the social network icons, you and your readers can share your creative publication with families, friends and net friends. Besides, you and readers can copy and send the link to others via e-mail.

Thumbnail index

DOC Publisher Mac allows you to import bookmark for the flipbook, and your readers may find what they want easily. However, it won't be difficult for them to search what they want even though without table of contents. When converting DOC to flip book, this flipbook Mac maker will make a listing of all your pages and then create a thumbnail index listing. So even if you publish a large publication, your readers can navigate through it easily.

One-time fee, free upgrade, refund guarantee

We always try our best to make sure our products are of good quality, and in the meantime, we try to offer you satisfying services.

One-time fee deal, no subscription fee or conversion fee.

Permenant usage, free upgrad later versions.

Full refund within 30 days after purchase.

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"The powerful full control settings enable me to publish distinctive flip book. I can add unique image as background and beautiful song as background music. It's very cool!" - Keith

"The software is user-friendly and the tutorials is very clear and useful. It didn't take me much time to learn to use it and within minutes I published an attractive flip book." - Cathy

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