DOC Publisher Mac                                       Publish flash DOC flipbook on Mac OS!




Compatible with Mac

Easy steps to output flip book;

Different pre-designed templates to choose;

Powerful custom settings to make unique flipbook;

Optional output formats: HTML, Mac App;

Share the page flip DOC book via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.






DOC Publisher Mac key features

Product features:

Quick import:

  • Publish flash flipbooks from DOC files;
  • Open DOC before importing to make sure if it is the one you want to convert;
  • Choose to import all pages or custom range pages;
  • Enable/disable quick import (only import 10 pages for initial preview);
  • 5 types of page quality for different book size to output;
  • Enable/disable bookmark importing.

Flexible output formats:

  • Output the flash flip book in HTML format for online viewing;
  • Make App page turning book that can run on Mac OS.

Custom setting:

  • Choose a template to match your book style;
  • Edit table of contents (bookmark) for the page flip DOC publication;
  • Show/hide toolbar or buttons: Home, Full Screen, Search, Share, Social Share;
  • Open window in self or blank window;
  • Add book title and home page URL;
  • Customize book proportion, book margin and page shadow;
  • Add image for both outer and inner background;
  • Add sound as background music and set sound loop (-1 stands for continuous play);
  • Select font type and size for flash, bookmark, buttons, window, etc;
  • Choose color for background, font, buttons, icons, etc;
  • Enable/disable print, download or share the page flip flash book;
  • Enable/disable zoom in and out;
  • Enable/disable auto flip, define auto play count and flip interval;
  • Enable/disable thumbnail button, use thumbnail to find wanted content;
  • Choose a default language for the flash DOC flipbook;
  • Choose hard cover for the flip book.



Flash flip book features:

  • View the page flip book with hard cover;
  • Turn a page by clicking the page shadow, dragging the corners, clicking the page control buttons, using keyboard arrows and typing the page number;
  • Use thumbnail to navigate through the flip book;
  • View the page flipping publication in full screen;
  • Enable auto play to view the Mac flip book;
  • Zoom in &out to read the flash book;
  • Double-click to zoom in or zoom out;
  • Turn on/off the background music while viewing the flip book;
  • Print out the whole book or custom range pages;
  • Share the book via e-mail or social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Reddit, etc;
  • Click "Help" to view help manual.